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The Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas

NEW HOLIDAY TRADITION!  The Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas is a beautiful set of 25 advent Christmas books.  Start reading book 24 on December 1, and there is a book for each day including Christmas.  One story in 25 books, each ending with "To be continued" brings fun and adventure to the Christmas countdown.


The story takes place in a magical miniature Christmas village.  The Clausen Kids, Molly and Cam, take turns each day selecting a new figurine to place in the village.  As soon as the figurine is set into place, the Clausen Kids are swept into the village themselves.  Each day they have a magical adventure in the village with an Elf Fairy, a Fireman, a Polar Bear, or whatever figurine they select for the day.  The Clausens and villagers all come together on Christmas day for a heartwarming finale.


This new holiday tradition brings families together for 25 days of advent fun!  Kids love the adventures and parents appreciate the lessons throughout the stories of manners, kindness, and helping others.

The Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas

SKU: 978-1-944141-25-7
  • Set of 25 advent books to countdown to Christmas

  • The Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas was written to provide entertainment, encourage family reading time, and create a wonderful new tradition to enjoy year after year.  The collection is dedicated to our beloved mother, Joyce Marie VanDewerker.  She is memorialized as Granny in book 22, and appears is several adventures with Molly and Cam.

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with The Clausen Family Countdown to Christmas, please email us at to request a refund.  

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